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Agro Products
The term ‘agro’ has been derived from the Greek word ‘agros’ which means field. It states, anything that falls under agricultural category is known as agro. Agro products are like source of survival for human beings. The world’s major population is dependent on agriculture for their survival. Globally approximately 36% of the world’s work force is engaged in agriculture. In India approximately 65% of total population is employed in the agricultural sector. 

Tarang Exports deals in agro products such as Sugar, Soybean meal, Cotton seed cake which are used for human consumption as well as nutrients into animal diets. We also provide raw and refined sugar in both bulk and bag packing ranging from 45 ICUMSA to 800 ICUMSA.

SBM is sourced from highly complex units that have their own fields that maintain high quality standards offering products such as 45 and 47% Protein content with very low moisture content.

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