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Base Oil
Base Oil

Base Oil is used in manufacturing of products which includes lubricating greases, motor oil and metal processing fluids. Base oil is produced on refining of crude oil. Russia and Saudi Arabia are the leading countries producing base oils.­­­­ 

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Base oil specification
Base oil SN 500 test methods

Appearance ASTM D2445Reported
Viscosity 40oC,cStASTM D44510.7-11.8
Viscosity 100oC,cStASTM D227095
Viscosity Index,minASTM D 92228
Flash point, oC,minASTM D97-9
Colour ASTM,maxASTM D 15002.0
Colour stability, min Pass
Cloud Test,maxSMS 2556Nocloud
TAN, mgKOH/gr,maxASTM D 6640,05
Ash content,%wt,maxASTM D 4820,01
Sulphur content,%wt,maxASTM D26220,1
NOACK volatility,%wt,minASTM D 5800 
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