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Basic use of coal is as a fuel. Coal is a sedimentary rock, brownish-black or black in colour , is primarily composed of carbon along with other elements like hydrogen, sulphur, oxygen and nitrogen. Today coal  is used on a large scale and for different purposes. It is used in industries as fuel,  in coal gasification  to produce syngas which is the mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas, and  in the process of 'Liquefaction' where in coal is converted to synthetic fuels equivalent to gasoline or diesel.
Tarang Exports is a supplier of quality Coking coal in India having various GAR Values. All of our coal is ethically sourced from the coalfields directly along with strict quality control at the Mine, Jetty, Vessel and discharge port by the operations team along with SGS.

Sample Technical Specification of coal
GCV (ADB) 6300
Total Moisture (AR) 16%
Ash (ADB) 10%
Sulphur (ADB) 0.8%
Parameter unit acceptable range
Total Moisture (ARB) % 10-20 Max
Ash (ADB) % 8-20
Fixed Carbon (ADB) % 30-50 Typical
Volatile Matter (ADB) % 25-45
Sulphur (ADB) % 0.70-0.90 Max
Gross Calorific Value (ADB) Kcal / Kg 5800-6500
HGI - 45-60
IDT under reducing atom. 0c 0c 1100-1250
SIZE MM 0-50
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