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PVC Resin
PVC Resin
PVC Resin is a white powder used in producing thermoplastics. It is a raw material. PVC is an acronym for poly vinyl chloride and Resin is a material often used in production of plastics and rubbers. PVC has two basic forms rigid and flexible. In the construction of pipe and profile application such as doors and windows the rigid form of PVC is used. It is also used for bottles, non-food packaging and cards. The flexible form of PVC is used in plumbing, electrical cable insulation, imitation leather etc. The PVC production over the world is currently approximately 47.5 million tons per year and is expected to grow by 59.1 million tons by the year 2020.

Tarang Exports Sells imported Virgin PVC Resin – Suspension grade packed in 25Kg Bags duly palletised and shrink wrapped for delivery. Off Spec PVC Resin is available in 1 MT Jumbo Bags.

Prime PVC Resin specification
Inherant Viscosity0.67-0.720.74-0.790.85-0.910.91-0.950.98-1.02
Particle size %Retained on 40 Mesh %Retained 200 Mesh Nil => 85Nil => 85Nil => 85Nil => 85Nil => 85
Porosity (ML/GR)0.05-0.020.05-0.220.1-0.260.12-0.280.2-0.32
Volatile Matter (Heat Loss)% Max0.
­­­Bulk Density
Dark Resin
(Per 10 SQ.    IN)
0-100-100-10 0-10
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