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Petrochemicals & Energy
PetroChemicals & Energy

Tarang Exports provides a range of industrial petrochemical products namely Bitumen, Fuel oil, PVC (Resin – Suspension Grade), Asphalt, Wax and many more products.

The two most common petrochemical classes known as olefins that includes ethylene and propylene and aromatics that includes benzene, toluene and xylene isomers. Olefin and aromatic are produced by oil refineries by cracking of fluid catalytic of petroleum fractions. 

For materials such as detergents, adhesives and solvents, olefins and aromatics works as building blocks for them. Polymers and oligomers are the basis of olefins used in fibres, plastics, lubricants and gels. The global production of propylene and ethylene are approximately 70 million tonnes and 115 million tonnes per annum respectively.

Tarang is committed to provide high quality products for our customers from top class World-class refiners and crackers.

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