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Sugarcane is a perennial grass belonging to the grass family Poaceae. The Poaceaes are a large family of monocotyledonous flowering plants. It is grown and cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical regions for sucrose that is produced in the stems.  Sugar  can be loosely called as  sweet, short-chain, soluble carbohydrates most of which is used in food. 

There are various types of sugars.  Simple sugars known as  monosaccharides, include glucose, fructose and galactose. Raw sugar undergoes refining process for the removal of molasses ,resultant being white sugar which is safe for  human consumption. ICUMSA 45 and ICUMSA 100/150 is said to be completely safe and fit for human consumption as it is acquired through refining process. 

Production of sugar in India in the year 2013-2014 was approximately 231.5MMT. Uttar Pradesh (UP) ranks first in India for production of sugar followed by Maharashtra and Karnataka. 

Tarang Exports being a global agribusiness corporation, f are one of the major exporters of fine quality sugar for  India.

White refined sugar technical specification
Polarization99.80%    Maximum
Moisture    Content0.04% Maximum
Ash Content0.04% Maximum
ICUMSA 45 Maximum
ColourSparkling White
RadiationWithin Internationally accepted limits
Crystal sugar technical specification
Polarization99.60%    Maximum
Moisture Content0.07% Maximum
Ash Content0.07% Maximum
ICUMSA RBU150 Maximum
RadiationWithin Internationally Accepted Limits
Raw sugar technical specification
Polarization94% - 97%
Moisture    ContentWithin Internationally Accepted limits
Ash ContentWithin Internationally Accepted limits
ICUMSA RBU(Equivalent    to 600-1200)
RadiationWithin Internationally Accepted limits
Packing is on buyer’s request in 50KG PP or Jumbo Bags or Bulk as desired. Entire services including quality testing, sampling, packing and marking along with shipment is provided by us to the buyer’s nominated port as per orders.
"Our Company deals and provides following Grades of Sugar – 45 ICUMSA, Below 100 ICUMSA, Below 150 ICUMSA, Raw Sugar"
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