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Wax is a class of chemical compounds that is plastic. It is also type of lipid. Waxes are used to make candles, it is also used in finishing and coating of wood products, Bees wax is used as a lubricant on drawer slides where two wooden parts come into contact. In olden days important documents were sealed using sealing wax. Waxes are also used in shoe polishes, wood polishes, cosmetics it is also used in manufacturing of crayons and colored pencils. Tarang Exports provides a wide variety of choice to our customers to suit their requirements. 
Paraffin Wax Specification
CharacteristicsMothod No.Equipment Avail ability
  Type 1Type 2Type 2AType 3
Melting Point (cooling curve) deg.CIS 465445 to 7558 min45 to 75
 Annex A    
Ash, % by mass, max IS1448 [P: 4]
Acidity, organic, mg of KOH/g, MaxIS 1448[P: 2]
Acidity, inorganic, mg of KOH/g, MaxIS 1448[P: 2]
Saponification value, MaxIS 1448[P: 55]1111
Oil content, % by mass, maxIS4654    
 Annex B0.
“Our Company deals in Semi Refined Paraffin Wax, Heavy Slack Wax, Foots Oil and others”.
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